When you were on the market for a new kayak, there were so many things to consider. You needed to determine sit on top or sit inside. There were choices in inflatable or polypropylene. And then all the gear you needed to choose. The list was endless and if you’re like us, you hemmed and hawed at what choice was best for you.

One of the choices I’m sure you had to make was whether to get a pedal kayak or not. This is a common choice people need to make when searching for a new kayak or recreation or for fishing.

What is a Pedal Kayak

A pedal kayak is driven by a pedal device which rotates fins or propellers in the water. The pedals can be above the kayak or inside the kayak body. Some kayaks can be transformed into a pedal kayak with a separate drive-train added.

Can you paddle a pedal kayak.

The simple answer is YES!

If you bought a pedal kayak, I’m sure there were reasons for it. Pedal kayaks are great for fishing or anything else that requires the use of your arms. I’ve seen pedal kayakers who use their kayaks for birding. Holding binoculars is hard to do if you’re also holding a kayak paddle.

Pedal kayaks are very popular among fishing enthusiasts. Anglers are especially interested in a pedal fishing kayak because they can hold their pole or tie on a new lure as they pedal down the river or stream.

But what if you simply want to enjoy the water. Then you can definitely enjoy your kayak using a paddle as well.

Since a pedal kayak is just a kayak with a pedal drive in it, there is nothing stopping a kayaker from using a paddle. In fact, when you bought your pedal kayak it’s possible that it came with a paddle. THis is because many people like to enjoy the serenity of paddling a kayak. There are also advantage to paddling a kayak when doing things such as fishing or birding.

Issues with Paddling a Pedal Kayak

While you can paddle a pedal kayak, there may be some issues you run across. The body of a pedal kayak is different, with pedals taking up space. in the front. If you’re looking to haul a lot of gear down river, such as a cooler or pack, you’ll have less space for it on a pedal kayak. Some of the new kayaks do have better storage, but much less than you’ll find on a traditional kayak.

You may also experience some drag from the rudder or propellers underneath the kayak. This drag may make paddling a bit harder. But it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your kayak the “manual” way.

Lastly, if you want to pedal while doing something else, like fishing, then you’ll have a tough time. Your arms may tire more quickly since you’ll be using your arms for both fishing and paddling. This is especially true if you are paddling in strong currents or wind. Keeping your kayak in place may be more difficult.