If you’re looking to keep food, beverages, or anything, cold, a K2 cooler is a great option. Founded in 2011, K2 coolers boasts of superior construction guaranteed to keep the inside of your cooler as cold as possible. We’ll excited to share our K2 Cooler review.

K2 Coolers, like most of the quality coolers today, are made with roto-molded polyethylene. The slow, but effective rotational molding practice yields an extremely durable cooler. Because this cooler is all one piece, it will keep things much cooler than a cheaper, flimsier cooler. This is simply because there are less gaps and weaknesses for heat to enter the cooler or for the cold to escape.

Coolers aren’t throwaway objects and you’ll want to ensure quality with the hefty pricetag. The K2 Cooler is built to keep in the cold for years to come. From the full length ENDURA hinges to the refrigerator like gasket, you’ll find these coolers keep in the cold better than most.

You know K2 means business when they back their coolers with a 7 year Warranty.

K2 Summit Cooler Line Overview

The K2 Summit Cooler line consists of many different sized coolers. You’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Here are a few of the more popular sizes and our K2 Cooler Review.

K2 Summit 20

The K2 Summit 20 Cooler comes with a handy strap. The strap is well padded which will help when the cooler is loaded to capacity. Due to the K2 construction, this is still a lightweight cooler. The Summit 20 can fit 14 cans and weighs about 14 lbs.

Compared with some of the competitors in this space, the K2 Summit 20 cooler will provide similar results at a more affordable price.

K2 Summit 60 Review with Wheels

The K2 Summit 60 with Wheels has a 44 can capacity and weighs about 33 pounds. You’ll find many of the same features from the Summit 20 in the Summit 60, minus the carrying strap. However due to it’s size, it does have a pull handle on one end and a rope handle on the other.

What the K2 Summit 60 does feature is the Torrent drain plug which will make getting rid of ice melt a breeze. With a slight turn of the drain plug, water will easily flow out of your cooler. And since the plug doesn’t need to be removed completely, you won’t lose the plug entirely.

The wheels and handle will also make a lugging this fully loaded cooler an easy feat.

Check out the below video from YouTuber onza04 to see this cooler in action.

Looking for more K2 Cooler options? Check out more options on Amazon.com.

featured image from flickr – Barta IV