Have you heard of Yeti Coolers? Are you amazed at their claims and keep wondering what are yeti coolers made of that keep the contents so cold for so long. We’re here to give you all the information about what these amazing coolers are made from and the reason why they keep ice and everything inside super cold.

UPDATED: December 2019


YETI COOLER MATERIALS – The Amazing Rotomolded Cooler

Rotomolding is one of the key features in making this one of the premier coolers on the market. Rotomolding is the practice of using high temperature and low pressure to create one piece of hollow plastic. Since the cooler is made of one piece instead of many pieces it is extremely durable. Since are no there are no joints, there are no weak spots. Rotomolding is the process used to create many different types of sporting equipment, such as kayaks.

The plastic that they use in the rotomolding is polyethylene. Polyethylene is used in many different common items – from Low Density items like plastic shopping bags all the way to Ultrahigh Molecular Weight polyethylene used in bulletproof vests.

With the shell of the cooler rotomolded, it is then injected with polyurethane- at least 2 inches in most of the models. And the polyurethane is in the walls as well as the lid of the cooler. Since the cooler has very few joints the polyurethane and lack of seams keep the contents of your cooler super cold.

The Yeti’s T-Rex Lid Latches found on the Tundra and Roadie coolers are made of durable rubber. These are the same type of latches found on ATVs. You’ll find these attached to a rust-proof aluminum rod that makes up the hinge of this durable cooler. As a result, combined attributes are what makes Yeti claim that these coolers are Grizzly resistant.

Where are Yeti Coolers Made?

There is some confusion about where some of the coolers are actually made. You’ll find that according to their website, the Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA and the Philippines. As Yeti’s website states, these coolers are made in facilities in Iowa and Wisconsin that pump out this product line. However, these are not necessarily owned by Yeti but rather manufacturers contracted by Yeti. So it is true that these are partially made in the USA.

Additionally, the Rambler and Hopper lines are made in China. Unfortunately, there is no definitive information surrounding what percentage of their coolers come from the US and what percentage are actually made overseas.

This should answer your question “What Are YETI Coolers Made of?” at least for the large cooler chests. As you can tell, cooler technology has never been this advanced!

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